CRM Functions

Last time we talked about 3 different modules in CRM Software.
1. Marketing
2. Sales
3. Service

We talked about Marketing as one of the major module and it’s functions in CRM Software Functions. Today we will continue our talk about remaing two functions of these modules.

2) Sales:-

Power your sales team with CRM that have functionalities of Sales Module. The sales team can manage leads and keep track of the communication with prospects, referrals and customers. For a big sales team or a call center the CRM must have fast and automated system to pull up customer data. Sales Automation Module features:

· Appointment Management

· Time Management

· Calender Management

· Reporting

CRM gives sales team the power to close the sale quickly.

3) Services:-

After marketing and selling the product your company must have a very good customer services team. CRM should have a good services module which can help the customer services department. They should be able to manage service contracts, tracking individual cases and recording information in a search able knowledge base.Services Automation Module features:

· Product Database

· Knowledge base search

· Customer tracking

· Contract Tracking

· Customer History

CRM gives customer service team a quick way to help the customers. This is very important so that the customer get satisfy by not just product but also with the service. These CRM functionalities help make any CRM strong. All of these modules must be integrated to make the system strong. Next time we will talk about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Sales Force Automation (SFA). What is the difference between ERP system and CRM system?

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  1. Andy Smith Says:

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    I like to read always your blog. Thank you for presenting your article in another way from others like your “CRM Functions”. They have simple and exact.. In your Agency Management Software articles you always done it in a distinctive way.

  2. Nancy Palmer Says:

    Your discussion on CRM Functions is very nice. I like to read it. I notice that you are always trying to give something different about Agency Management Software to the surfers and that is the reason I always start my surfing with blogs.

  3. Sam Rayburn Says:

    I read your article about CRM Functions. I find it easy to understand. I have read your all articles on Insurance Software and I will have more knowledge with your articles. Thanks.

  4. Nelson Smith Says:

    Such as nice blog you have here on CRM Functions as a part of Insurance Agency Management Software. I like to read it. I always recommended your articles to my net friends who are belong with the insurance industries for those your tips and ideas are very useful.

  5. Joe Smith Says:

    Customer Relationship Management is a key of any Business and according to me, your blog provided so many important tips and ideas on CRM. Here is with your blogs I found so many new ideas and tips on Insurance Agency Management Software and love to visit it. I really like your all modules that you presenting here nicely.

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